Authentic discussions on the topics and challenges facing those in the digital agency world.


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We'll be speaking to leaders in strategy, creative, tech, management and beyond from agencies, startups, and established companies. With over 30 years combined experience in brand, digital marketing and product development we will be discussing the topics that tend to fall by the wayside but that are ever important to having strong successful teams and work.

Harvey Huynh

With over 10 years of experience in digital project management, Harvey has garnered and implemented industry best practice in digital delivery within a variety of organizational structures. From traditional digital agencies to tech start-ups, his ability to scale teams bespoke to the unique needs of the project or organization has made him a crucial member of agency organizational planning.

Garry Pessia

Over 20 years experience creating and leading award winning digital experiences both in product and in marketing. Garry started his career as a developer, he then moved to project management and on to account leadership working with Fortune 100 companies both in the US and abroad.


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Episode 11
Episode 9

Emily Simpson

Director, Digital Production
The Integer Group
Episode 8

Rem Reynolds

Founding Partner
Episode 7

Markus Hutchins

Group Strategy Director
Episode 6

David Glitzer

Independent Consultant
Episode 5
Episode 4

Stefanie Postlewait

Marketing Consultant
Episode 3

Lawrence Edmondson

Senior Vice President of Technology
Episode 2

Juan Pacheco

Director of Media & Analytics
Episode 1

David Clarke

Global Executive Creative Director


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